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Veracomp Plays with Cougar

Łukasz Żukowski, director of SMB & Retail sales at Veracomp

Polish multispecialist Veracomp has extended its retail offer to include Cougar brand equipment. The manufacturer's portfolio includes products for gamers that ensure the highest quality of gameplay.

"Gaming is not only a way of spending free time, but also an area that is becoming more and more professional every year. Therefore, it places more and more demands on players - both in terms of skills, as well as in terms of equipment.

Recognising the dynamically growing segment of the market, Cougar has created a whole range of gaming products that meet the requirements of users regardless of their level of sophistication", explains Łukasz Żukowski, director of SMB & Retail sales at Veracomp.

Among the Cougar products Veracomp distributes, one can find:

  • Mice - ensure precision of movement, guaranteeing the reflection of trained player's reflexes

  • Keyboards - made up of aluminium components that guarantee maximum durability. In addition, Cougar keyboards provide high responsiveness, command effectiveness, and the shape of the workmanship prevents fatigue of hands and wrists

  • Headphones - crystal-clear sound quality allows you to enjoy a full range of sound effects, and ergonomic cushions calm down external noise, providing comfort for many hours

  • Power supplies - compact, efficient and quiet, they protect against mains voltage fluctuations and sudden power cuts that can damage your equipment

  • PC enclosures - capacious yet visually appealing Cougar enclosures allow you to install the necessary components

  • Seats for players - durable materials, aesthetics of design and workmanship, and above all, maximum ergonomics, translate into comfort of playing even during long hours of sessions

  • Cooling equipment - Cougar offers a wide range of efficient cooling components that use both liquid and air

  • Accessories - Cougar provides gamers with stylistically tailored accessories: illuminated multi-coloured mouse pads, stylish armchair mats, phone holders, and even clothing and backpack

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