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Marvel Distribution Launches its Own Brand

Russian broadliner Marvel Distribution has launched Accesstyle, its own brand of accessories. Three categories of devices will appear on the market under this brand: headphones, Bluetooth speakers and external batteries.

Initially, twelve products have been launched under the new brand. Each product is named after the color of its Pantone packaging (Violet, Cornflower, Pumpkin, Charcoal, Shamrock, Denim, etc.). "We did this choice in order to make the products visible on shelves, as the vast majority of products are sold in boxes made in the spirit of monochrome minimalism, and B-brands copy the supply of A-brands", explains Andrey Nikitin, Accestyle project manager at Marvel Distribution.

Accesstyle products are already available on the virtual shelves of Onlinetrade, Ozon, Wildberries and about ten other regional partners of Marvel. It is expected that in the near future it will be possible to buy the goods of this brand from retailers, which have brick-and-mortar outlets.

Andrey Nikitin adds: "there are a lot of players in the segment of accessories, but it is a growing market, and it turned out that there are niches in each category. Having conducted a large-scale research, we found many needs and trends that were not covered and used by competitors. Acting as a vendor and having all the necessary distribution services, Marvel can offer its partners products offering more margins. And it is also beneficial to the consumer, as the manufacturer regulates the issue of cost and can offer the best price on the shelf. The knowledge of the peculiarities of the Russian retail makes it possible to diversify the assortment to cover new or niche needs of consumers."

Development of technical characteristics and design is carried out within the project team. Some Product Development Department specialists work in China to coordinate the final look and specifications of devices with factories, as well as to carry out testing and quality control in production.


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