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Copaco Launches Copaco VMware Cloud

Pascal Nuyttens, CTO of Copaco Cloud

Dutch broadliner Copaco has introduced Copaco VMware Cloud, a VMware-based infrastructure hosted by Copaco in data-centres in Belgium and the Netherlands.

With VMware Cloud, Copaco offers its partners an IaaS platform that is characterised by a high degree of self-service and flexibility. The platform combines the knowledge and experience of Copaco with the technology and functionality of VMware. Partners can build their own virtual data-centres on the platform using virtual servers, storage and network resources. The integration of VMware NSX with data centres guarantees extensive network integration and security. Reducing costs and removing complexity For many resellers and Service Providers, investing and setting up their own platform has become expensive and security and compliance requirements sometimes make it too complex to manage them yourself. By using the Copaco VMware Cloud, this high cost and complexity is eliminated. The VCloud director web portal gives you access to a complete virtual data center with a high degree of control and flexibility over the servers, storage and network.

"VMware's installed base is large and many partners are familiar with VMware technology", says Pascal Nuyttens, CTO of Copaco Cloud. "Copaco VMware Cloud gives partners the opportunity to quickly develop new solutions for their customers with existing knowledge and without major investments. Copaco VMware Cloud is available as a primary location, as a fall-back location or as part of a multi-client strategy, in which VMware Network Virtualisation and Security software (NSX) are used to link different data-centres together: Copaco VMware Cloud is managed from the Copaco System and Network Operating Center in Eindhoven. This is also where users can get support. Copaco also supports its partners with extensive possibilities to test Copaco VMware Cloud, with the Copaco Cloud Value Academy for technical and commercial training and with technical consultants for design, deployment and migration."

Copaco VMware Cloud is available 24/7 via the 2tCloud platform. Via 2tCloud Copaco offers access to a broad cloud services portfolio, overview and invoicing convenience. Alex Scheepers, product manager Cloud, adds: "the advantage of this broad portfolio is that Copaco has knowledge of different cloud platforms. This allows us to perfectly support partners to set up hybrid cloud or multi-client environments and gives them access to the cloud platform of their choice. Moreover, all these solutions can be activated via the 2tCloud platform, with all cloud services on one invoice."

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