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Trax Distribution Launches its Online Shop

The new e-boutique website of Trax Distribution

French CE specialist Trax Distribution has opened its new B2B e-commerce site. Widely expected by vendors, this online store allows customers to have better visibility on the catalogue, new products, availability as well exclusive promotional and destocking operations. This e-shop for professionals simplifies and speeds up order processing considerably for better delivery times, makes the entire process easier and improves administrative follow-up. With this launch, Trax Distribution is now strengthening its "e-commercial" part in order to improve its service rate.

"Beyond the business aspects, the question of the impact of this type of project on the field sales force was taken very seriously. Essential and efficient, the field force does not have the time to record all the data collected during the day and administrative tasks are a tedious task", says Fabien Boyer, sales director at Trax Distribution. "This site will not supplant anyone, each order placed will be assigned to the sales representative of the sector. This new site is considered to be an effective support for our teams."

Over the past two years, the group has continued to make numerous investments in its digital tools. In particular, it has firmly linked solutions for its after-sales management to its management software package, then improved its connection to the WMS for the logistics part, and finally, it has carried out in-depth work on its customer and product database. Trax has gradually made these changes to maintain the right operational balance and make the most of these investments by identifying the impacts and measuring the ROI of each project.

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