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A Reorganisation for DNS

David Hofman, Head of Strategic Development

Czech network and security VAD DNS has decided to reorganise itself in three divisions. If the Hitachi division, created in May, remains as is, the previous Infrastructure division has been split into separate Huawei and Security divisions, which will focus among other things on the development of security technologies. Beside these, a newly established Strategic Development division will be involved in the development of a comprehensive roadmap.

Aleš Pernecký, BU manager of the two newly created divisions, explains: "this reorganisation is the result of several years of business development. In particular, the sale of Huawei's technology portfolio has reached a level that needs self-management. As another impetus for the creation of a separate Huawei division, the company's stated goal is to significantly increase its market share in the enterprise solution market.

In addition to selling traditional well-established brands (Fortinet, nCipher, CheckPoint), the Security Division is focused on developing other security technologies. According to Pernecký, "this corresponds to the global development trend of IT technologies."

The Strategic Development division has been created to manage the development of the DNS company, more particularly on the search of new vendors. It will focus on three areas: hardware and IoT, software and channel development. “At the moment, the division is focusing on selling traditional hardware and software brands in its portfolio, that is NetApp, Commvault, Micro Focus and SUSE”, said David Hofman, Head of Strategic Development. "Last but not least, it aims to create a comprehensive development roadmap so that new brands have a chance to enrich DNS's portfolio, have weight and importance for partners, and bring benefits to end customers."

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