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Comm-Tec Lifts with Unitech Systems

Carsten Steinecker, CEO of Comm-Tec

As part of a new and exclusive distribution contract the complete hardware portfolio by Unitech Systems are from now on available from COMM-TEC in Austria, Czechia, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, including professional AV lift and retaining systems for flat screens, projectors, etc. Consequently, COMM-TEC is reacting to the trend involving the use of increasingly larger displays and projectors that frequently influence the ambiance of rooms - most of all when they are not in use.

"Unitech Systems' products provide the option of elegantly concealing these large screens in walls, ceilings, behind pictures or in items of furniture. In this process, the systems are individually tailored to customer demands. As a company, Unitech Systems is most of all characterised by continuously enhancing the product range and adapting it to the demands of the AV market", explains Carsten Steinecker, CEO of Comm-Tec.

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