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ELKO Distributes Aperio

Olexandr Kuchuk, head of the IT security division of ELKO Ukraine

The value division of broadliner ELKO has unveiled an exclusive agreement with Aperio Systems for the supply of a unique critical infrastructure security system to Ukraine. The distributor will also represent the interests of the vendor in the Baltic States, through its offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks on energy and industrial facilities has increased significantly. This problem is acute in many countries. We are talking about the new challenges of the modern world of cybercrime. Aperio Systems develops and offers an intelligent security system based on big data, capable of withstanding the next generation of cyber threats. The company is known for its research in the field of critical industrial facility protection, and its innovative developments based on machine learning can prevent sophisticated, large-scale and destructive cyberattacks.

One of the main features of Aperio Systems' solution is that it is capable of self-learning. The product integrates into existing SCADA systems, connects to a technology database and creates an incident in a SIEM (Information Security Event Management System) class system when an an anomaly is detected. The main criterion for the quality of such products is the number of false alarms, which is minimised in the Aperio Systems solution.

"The pace of development of the social organization of the cyber-structure to dictate new developments to the level of information security of the critical infrastructure in such segments as energy and oil and gas industry. We would like to allow Aperio Systems to provide Ukraine with a unique system of clean technology to protect its critical infrastructure. The solution is innovative and has no equivalent. We are happy to provide solutions for this class in Ukraine", says Olexandr Kuchuk, head of the IT security division of ELKO Ukraine.

"In order to ensure the integrity of the analysed data and to detect manipulation, Aperio Systems specialists have relied on artificial intelligence mechanisms. These mechanisms check the authenticity of the information and record all erroneous signals, signals that have no physical basis, data anomalies, etc. That is, the Aperio Systems solution is like a lie detector capable of detecting false and distorted technological data in industrial plants and infrastructure. If organisations and networks are trying to protect and / or isolate as much as possible, technological devices such as sensors and sensors are historically the least secure. Our solution integrates into the enterprise infrastructure and intercepts all manipulations of data on such devices. In other words, our solution is the eyes and ears of the dispatchers, if the attackers are already on the operating network and their goal is to break the standard operation of the object. Our technologies have successfully proven themselves in many organisations, and thanks to the distribution agreement with ELKO, Ukrainian consumers will gain access to the latest developments in this field", adds Jonas Hellgren, CEO of Aperio Systems.

"One of the main features of Aperio Systems is that it is capable of self-study. The solution integrates easily into existing SCADA systems, connects to the technology database and, when an anomaly is detected, creates an incident in the SIEM (Information Security Event Management) system. The main criterion for the quality of such products is the number of false positives, which is minimised in the Aperio Systems solution. Unfortunately, there is strong evidence that the number of attacks on critical infrastructure will increase in the coming years - a trend reported by all relevant research agencies. And it is better for all of us to prepare for these challenges ahead of time than to deal with the losses and consequences that, in worst-case scenarios, can turn into real man-made disasters. The Aperio Systems solution is one of the main elements of protection", adds Olexandr Kuchuk. "Today, the developments of Aperio Systems have no analogues, and there is no such solution in the Ukrainian market. ELKO Ukraine is pleased to give domestic organisations access to the most advanced cyber-defence technologies. Without exaggeration, we can say that the agreement with Aperio Systems is extremely important not only for information, but also energy and economic security and even political stability of our country."

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