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H3C Appoints Merlion

Yulia Pechnikova, Director of Business Development Department at Merlion

Russian broadliner Merlion and Chinese vendor H3C Technologies have signed a partnership agreement. This is the first vendor's distribution contract in Russia. Merlion offers a wide range of products, which includes not only H3C switches and routers, but also wireless Wi-Fi solutions, server equipment, storage, virtualisation software and management and monitoring systems.

Yulia Pechnikova, Director of Business Development Department at Merlion, explains: "this agreement is another important step in the development of our VAD business. Cooperation with such a large and reputable vendor opens up great opportunities for both us and our partners. We are pleased that H3C is opening an office in Russia, and now we have some of the best digital solutions available in our market."

Yan Kuo, General Director of H3C Technologies Russia, adds: "the Russian market is one of the priority markets for our company and at least it is one of the top 3 in terms of potential for H3C business development. We expect to achieve good results here in the coming years and create a healthy competition for players who have long been represented and have a very strong position in Russia. Therefore, we are glad that we have secured the support of Merlion and are confident that our cooperation will be long and successful."

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