Reichelt Attacks the Italian Market

Ulf Timmermann, CEO of reichelt elektronik

German online distributor and retailer of electronics and IT technology reichelt elektronik has launched Italian versions of its e-commerce website and competence center. Beside Germany, reichelt is also active in Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

"With our entry into the Italian market, our goal is to grow rapidly in strategic segments such as active, passive and mechanical components, development boards such as Raspberry Pi, lighting products and intelligent technology, power supplies, measurement technologies, IT tools and components", explains Ulf Timmermann, CEO of reichelt elektronik. "At the heart of our strategy is RND. This brand, owned by our holding company Datwyler Group and also distributed by its other subsidiaries Distrelec and Nedis, offers the best price/quality ratio."

Italy was chosen as the new country because it was the most logical step after the expansion in other European countries but also because it is one of the engines of production at European level, with a high rate of Internet coverage. In order to conquer the Italian market, reichelt elektronik focuses on quality, starting with an e-commerce channel and a competence centre both in Italian, which can guarantee better consultancy and the possibility of solving any problems more easily.

"The vision of reichelt service involves product management and technical support through call centres", explains Timmermann. "For our product managers and technical support the motto is Walk the Talk. We offer products personally chosen by our consumers and both product managers and support service technicians are experts in the various technologies, so they are able to provide the best possible products to our customers, as well as excellent advice."

Among the advantages of reichelt is undoubtedly the speed, high availability and above all the fast delivery times. Currently, shipping times in Italy take four days, for more than 110,000 products available. The logistics centre, located at the headquarters in Sande, Germany, has recently doubled its storage capacity and increased its product range, reaching almost 10,000 shipments per day. Unlike other distributors, reichelt elektronik has developed, built and implemented its own logistics processes. A choice that gives greater agility thanks to the possibility to intervene on the software used (ERP, purchasing, logistics...) and adapt it quickly to new needs and new markets.