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Infotheek Separates Centralpoint and Flex IT Distribution

Leon Timmermans, Managing Director Flex IT Distribution

The Board of Directors of Rotla BV (“Infotheek Group“) have decided to move all day to day operations to the two business units, Centralpoint and FLEX IT Distribution. The decision was made on the back of the previously communicated strategic decision to separate the business units. Centralpoint and Flex IT Distribution will continue to grow their respective businesses both organically and via acquisitions. The companies have two ambitious management teams ready to deliver on the strategic plans that have been developed during the spring and summer, with full support from the owners and the Board of Directors. Both Luuk Slaats (MD, Centralpoint) and Leon Timmermans (MD, Flex IT Distribution) are strong supporters of this decision. “Both of us are believers in focus, speed and business agility and this decision will allow us to further strengthen this”, says Mr Slaats and Mr Timmermans.

As a consequence, the Board of Directors and Harald Werner have agreed that Harald will step down as acting CEO and CFO effective today, current Chairman Lars Pettersson will be interim CEO during this transition period.

The Board is grateful for Harald’s leadership and valuable contributions to the company including the continued decentralisation and strong top-line and profit development seen in 2019”, said Lars Pettersson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Infotheek Group. “We have had a good dialogue with Harald and have together agreed that the next step for the company is to further decentralise operations and decision-making. We are confident that Harald will enjoy success in his next role, and we are enthusiastic about the market opportunities and internal improvement potential we see in both Centralpoint and FLEX IT Distribution.

Mr. Werner said: “it has been a pleasure to lead Infotheek Group, and I am proud of what we have achieved. I strongly believe in the potential of my colleagues and their ability to continue the successful development of Centralpoint and FLEX IT Distribution.

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