DigiTrading in VR with Omicam

The Omicam from Sightour is the latest addition to DigiTrading portfolio

Dutch smart object specialist DigiTrading has inked a distribution deal with Sightour Inc, the maker of Omicam wearable stabilised VR camera. With Omicam, DigiTrading promises effortlessly, hands-free 4K 360° recording and editing without any skills.

"Simply carry it with you and record your adventure with just one click. Then enjoy the immersive video of your adventures as if you were reliving them through your own eyes. Edit and share effortlessly with social networks", explains Barry Sulter, the CEO of DigiTrading.

OmiCam consists of several advanced and unique elements, including a 240-degree wide-angle lens that captures everything users see when carrying OmiCam with them. This ingenious camera also uses a high-quality video stabilisation algorithm. No matter how bumpy your adventure, OmiCam provides clear, sharp and stable videos without the need for expensive Gimbals.

"Thanks to the lifelog mode, the Omicam allows a long recording time of up to 15 hours. Whether it's a fleece, outdoor adventure or a video of uncorking a champagne bottle, OmiCam is your reliable companion", adds Sulter.

Omicam is sold with OMI Studio, an application to edit and share videos on the spot with social networks: "OMI Studio is a fully integrated easy-to-use video management and intelligent editing software built for the OmiCam for smartphone, PC or MacBook. Stream, record and manage videos on the spot and easily share them with friends. In addition to controlling the OmiCam, OMI Studio offers the possibility of editing VR videos, fine-tuning images, mixing with favorite music or even live VR streaming on Facebook/Youtube", concludes Sulter.