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SmartDec Expands ISP*D's Portfolio

Christian Laube, Managing Director of ISP*D

German software specialist International Software Partners GmbH (ISP*D) has expanded its portfolio with the SmartDec Scanner Cyber Security solution from Israeli editor SmartDec.

"Especially today, when many companies are exposed to cyber attacks, it is important for distributors and resellers to be able to offer their customers the best possible security solutions. We are therefore very pleased to have SmartDec, a specialist in this field, in our portfolio", says Christian Laube, Managing Director of ISP*D.

"We are pleased to be able to enter into a partnership with ISP*D and see great potential in this cooperation, as the topic of cyber security solutions is very important to both companies. I am sure that we can offer our customers something special that the market has been looking for for a long time", says Evgeny Koloskov, CEO of SmartDec.

With SmartDec, customers can choose between the SaaS and on-premise versions of scanners to check their applications for vulnerabilities. Simply drag and drop source code, executable files or binary files onto SmartDec Scanner and you'll get the security threat report. No debug information or additional data is required to decompile binary files.

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