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Custom in Partnership with Ingram Micro

Mark Cheetham, Ingram Micro's Director for DC/POS in EMEA

Custom, a high-tech solutions company, specialised in the retail, enterprise and specific vertical markets, has entered into a distribution agreement with the DC/POS BU of broadliner Ingram Micro EMEA.

This agreement includes the main product groups of professional printing solutions, scanning & image systems, mobile computing and also service. This encompasses all-in-one terminals/pc pos, from barcode scanners to a vast range of Self-service/Kiosk/Panel printers, POS and ticket printers. The new alliance will serve as a growth ramp for Custom, allowing it to meet expanding global demand.

We are excited to have gained the interest of Ingram Micro and we are totally ready to strengthen our presence in the EMEA theatre”, said Davide Guerra, Chief Marketing & Business Transformation Officer. “Our synergic offers draw on multiple, combined solutions sold in many different industries: best-in-class and unique hardware, software and service with a real opportunity to improve and support the market needs of all targets through multiple vertical solutions.

With this partnership, Ingram Micro will give distribution access to Custom products to their 115,000 resellers throughout EMEA (through its offices in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and bring a more widespread coverage distribution of Custom solutions already used by important partners globally. Thanks to a global footprint with more than 200 engineers and 100 software developers Custom expertise is available in over 71 countries; with a focus on more than 14 different fiscal markets and multi-sector solutions in retail and hospitality, public transportation and logistic, banking and finance, manufacturing, lottery and betting, self-payment and info kiosk, airports. We are able to plan and provide complete solutions thanks to our know how, and to channel partners’ expertise. Relying on a wide range of solutions and expertise in different but synergistic vertical markets, Custom will bring a real plus to Ingram Micro’s range, offering solutions that support and develop all kinds of needs.

"Custom’s market is constantly expanding and one of the things that makes the difference is being able to expand the business through a number of different vertical solutions stocks. Thanks to our channel program, our partners will have access to a wide range of highly specialised and innovative hardware solutions combined with software, apps and service options. We are also proud to continue on the company’s original path of studying custom/tailor-made solutions for key accounts and most important verticals. Ingram Micro represents what we needed: an international Partner with a historic brand able to provide unparalleled coverage”, concluded Davide Guerra.

In accordance with its industrial plan - strategy 2025 – Custom has worked hard to sign this strategic agreement. “We are growing to improve our international presence”, declared Carlo Stradi President & CEO, “this is an important step for a new program that will support our international business needs as best as possible. The Group is expanding its international presence as a reference point with a focus on retail solutions for the automation and innovation of all strategic business needs. Constant growth and expansion can be achieved only with passion and dedication. The search for qualitative excellence involves all the structures and facilities taking part in production Innovation; diversification and research are the keywords.

We at Ingram are excited by the new opportunities Custom can bring to our resellers across EMEA”, says Mark Cheetham, Ingram Micro's Director for DC/POS in EMEA. “Custom’s wide range of retail products strengthen our POS portfolio and help us provide a more extensive range of solutions to our partner whilst their focus on niche vertical markets expand the reach of our partner community. With a focus on adding value our and our 182 dedicated AutoID and POS professionals in more than 30 countries I feel we can be an enabler in Custom’s growth across our region.

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