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Kappa Data Distributes Mist Systems

Patrick Casteels, managing director of Kappa Data

Belgian network and security VAD Kappa Data has signed a distribution agreement with Mist Systems.

"With this contract, Kappa Data aims to further expand its IoT and network technology pillars", explains Patrick Casteels, managing director of Kappa Data. "Thanks to the virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) capabilities of its solutions, Mist is able to locate devices or people quickly, easily and accurately. This allows the use of location determination in critical environments where immediate action can be taken when a device or person leaves a certain space. Immediate response time is essential, for example, for nursing homes. In combination with powerful Wi-Fi, the AI can report when problems occur so that it can fix them and bring them to the attention of users. The nursing home staff would then have a high-performance solution for the provision of Wi-Fi and localisation services."

Sander Groot, Director of Channels and Alliances at EMEA Juniper Networks, says: "Mist's solution is excellent for our business customers. Integrating the Mist platform with Juniper products provides a solution for both campus and enterprise networks. With Mist, Juniper is adding a market-leading solution to our portfolio, as well as for Kappa Data."

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