EET Europarts Listens to Music with Jays

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Allan Friis, Retail sales director at EET Europarts

Danish multispecialist EET Europarts has entered into a collaboration with the Swedish audio brand Jays on the sale and distribution of Jays products in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The agreement allows EET to address a broad market in the category of headphones and wireless speakers. “We are incredibly pleased that we have just now partnered with Jays on the sale and distribution of their products in both the Nordic and Baltic countries. Jays 'headphones fit perfectly into the market and help EET provide headphones that match the demand we are experiencing out there. In terms of design, Jays appeals to the style-conscious customer group while having a very reasonable price point”, says Allan Friis, Retail sales director at EET Europarts. Swedish Jats, which has been developing audio products in the form of headphones since 2006, has just expanded their range to include portable Bluetooth speakers. The core value behind all Jays products is an uncompromising focus on engineering and innovative design, and the design philosophy emphasises creating harmony through a blend of functionality and style. “Jays has chosen to cooperate with EET Europarts as a distribution partner in the Nordic and Baltic countries due to their solid experience and strategy in these regions. At the same time, EET is able to provide the valuable and necessary service and support needed for Jays to successfully launch the new products in these markets. We look forward to getting started with the collaboration”, says Brian Larsen, Commercial Development Director, JAYS Headphones AB. Jays' products are already available at selected retailers in both the Nordic and Baltic countries, served by EET Europarts through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.