Holmes Available through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Frank Rakké, Team Manager Software Security Ingram Micro

Broadliner Ingram Micro has announced that Holmes, a security solution that offers protection against phishing, is now available through its Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace in the Netherlands. Holmes combines awareness, training and testing in one digital, online solution. This solution ensures consistent alertness for data and IT security through training, testing, monitoring and behavioural change.

Identity fraud, scams and data leaks have been in the news all the time in recent months. Organised crime sells infected computers, credit card information, and passports and identity cards. Why? Apparently it's because it's easy and lucrative. With the speed at which our digital highway is gaining ground, there is no turning back. And as far as Holmes is concerned, this is not necessary at all. What is necessary, however, is that the user learns the fundamentals of data security. The closure of our home or office is now based on fundamental logic, like a kind of automatism. Something that Holmes is also trying to achieve with information security.

With Holmes, users receive access to online e-learning, tests and certifications, phishing simulations and the Life Line plugin. Thanks to short to-the-point videos, users learn what they need to know about the various threats, forms of phishing and all other relevant types of cybercrime. After completing each e-learning video, users are required to successfully complete a test and receive certification. In addition, they are kept sharp and aware of possible real phishing attempts throughout the year, thanks to phishing simulations. Real threats can be reported by users through the Holmes Life Line.

Ezra Windhorst, Director of Holmes, says: "we strongly believe that Security Awareness should be a crucial point of attention in any security policy. 91% of the data leaks are still facilitated by humans. It does not matter which firewalls or which antivirus solution an organisation uses. We want to start a healthy dialogue with Holmes in every organisation and break the taboo surrounding cyber security. We offer employees of every type of organisation the right knowledge, attitude and skills to fight cybercriminals. With Ingram Micro, we have a great partner with an excellent network to achieve our goal of making the lives of cybercriminals a lot more difficult."

"Surelock distinguishes itself with Holmes in the market because they are well attuned to their target group with their anti-phishing campaigns. It's no longer the obvious phishing e-mails from the past that the employee should be aware of", says Frank Rakké, Team Manager Software Security Ingram Micro. "During a meeting with a potential customer, our partners can carry out a free baseline measurement and there is a considerable chance that the business case can be discussed immediately because of the result of this measurement. We are pleased that we have added this solution to our Cloud Marketplace."