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Merlion Distributes Imou

Yulia Pechnikova, Director of Business Development Department at Merlion

Russian giant broadliner Merlion has signed an agreement with Dahua Technology to distribute its new Imou consumer brand. Under this new brand, Dahua produces video surveillance products for home users and small and medium-sized businesses.

The Imou product line consists of 8 camera models and 3 doorbell models. All cameras are distinguished by the use of H.265 codec, the possibility of continuous recording up to 24 days on the built-in memory card capacity of 256 GB. The resolution of the Imou cameras is from 2 to 4 megapixels, all devices have the ability to transmit data over Wi-Fi. Depending on the model, the cameras can be equipped with a motion sensor, infrared sensors, audio-visual deterrence and two-way audio communication. For Bullet Lite and Dome Lite models there is a choice of lens - 2.8 or 3.6 mm. All devices are designed for independent installation and do not require the involvement of installers. Besides, Imou devices have their own cloud service and mobile application. One of the features of Imou cameras is compatibility with other cloud platforms, which allows you to create scalable systems with the ability to video analytics in the concept of the Internet of Things.

Zhao Shengbo, CEO of Dahua Technology RUS, says: "Imou is an IoT ecosystem that integrates cloud computing, smart devices and smart technologies. The brand's ideology demonstrates how quality video surveillance and advanced technologies ensure home and business security."

Yulia Pechnikova, Director of Business Development Department at Merlion, adds: "Dahua Technology is one of the largest and most respected companies in the market of security systems and video surveillance. We are bound by two years of successful cooperation. We are glad that the company is expanding its presence in the Russian market and introduced a new brand, which, in our opinion, has good prospects to take a leading position in its segment."

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