Exertis Launches ForgeServe IP Device Management Service

Jason Beeson, Exertis enterprise sales director

Broadliner Exertis has started the distribution of ForgeServe IP device provisioning and management suite from Swoop Datacom in the United Kingdom.

ForgeServe is the leading provisioning and lifecycle management solution for a multi-vendor environment. The cloud-based solution simplifies and reduces the cost of ownership of IP device deployment whilst offering a new breed of functionality to enable real time in-life management irrespective of the device location. The offering allows Exertis channel partners, resellers and service providers to pro-actively streamline their processes for delivery of products and services from the cloud.

Jason Beeson, Exertis enterprise sales director, said: “we are delighted to be launching ForgeServe to the market. The service provides our customers with features and benefits that allow them to focus on customer acquisition rather than time constraining processes. We have a completely automated solution that not only simplifies IP device deployment and management but also increases the profit margin of our customers by creating additional recurring revenue opportunities.

ForgeServe simplifies and reduces the cost of IP device deployment. With advanced provisioning and estate management features, resellers can now utilise a tool that can radically improve their ability to deploy IP devices whilst reducing overheads. ForgeServe is proven to dramatically improve the capabilities of service providers and resellers to grow rapidly whilst maintaining high service levels.

John Bennett, Swoop Datacom CEO, said: “we are extremely pleased that Exertis chose ForgeServe for their customers. Exertis helps its wide variety of channel partners to deploy IP solutions to their customers and can now enable them to grow with the peace of mind that deployment, installation and maintenance services are highly efficient and cost effective in a competitive market. With the ever developing ForgeServe solution, we will deliver new revenue streams to Exertis customers needing to expand their capabilities and rapidly deploy and maintain their estates.

The solution empowers managed service providers with the capabilities to provide estate management. With features like real-time change control and zero touch device management, it can access global estates from any internet enabled device. Features like these transform an organisation's ability to reduce the traditional costs associated with management, whilst increasing beneficial services to end customers.