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Axoft Launches Trimble CAD Solutions

Sergei Ignatov, head of sales development and support at Axoft

Russian software and cloud VAD Axoft Global IT Service Distributor has received the status of official distributor of SketchUp CAD solutions from Trimble. Axoft plans to promote Trimble in the Russian market, increase sales and services, build up competencies, and grow its partner network. The territory of the agreement is Russia and CIS countries, thanks to Axoft offices in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Qazaqstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

As part of the work in this area, the partners will get all the advantages of working with Axoft: product expertise, marketing activities, technical support and advice, training. At the end of 2018, SketchUp's sales in Russia almost quadrupled. Users of SketchUp solutions are SMB and EPG companies from different business sectors, as well as educational institutions. Global companies using SketchUp solutions include Nestle, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, Henkel, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Volkswagen, L'Oréal, Ferrari, H&M, IKEA and many others.

Axoft aims to actively promote Trimble in the Russian market and increase sales volumes. The development of competencies and growth in the number of services will allow the distributor to attract the largest number of partners. Trimble's strategic plans include development of existing sales channels and development of new markets. SketchUp has been sold in Russia for many years, and the product is popular due to its functionality and cost ratio. With the signing of the agreement, the vendor intends to significantly strengthen its presence in the Russian CAD market, increase the number of partners and offer SketchUp products and services to a much larger number of users.

SketchUp is designed specifically for architects and designers and is intended for modelling relatively simple three-dimensional objects - buildings, landscape, furniture, interior. The solution has a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools.

"Axoft actively develops the direction of solutions for design and CAD. In order to strengthen our position we signed an agreement with Trimble company, under which we will supply solutions for 3D-design and architectural design, which are perfectly suitable for both small and medium businesses and EPG-segment. SketchUp has all the necessary functionality and meets the high requirements of major international companies. Trimble SketchUp products are very popular with Russian designers. Now they can buy these solutions with Russian-language support and get access to the developments of a huge community of designers and architects from around the world. Our partners, in turn, will have the opportunity to expand their business through the popular worldwide product and increase their margins", says Sergei Ignatov, head of sales development and support at Axoft.

"The list of requirements to the distributor is quite serious. The specifics of our products sales require from Trimble distributor not only understanding of logistics, but also painstaking "targeted" work with partners selling the product, as well as constant support of users. Axoft presented very ambitious plans for business development without fear that the "bar is too high. Territorial coverage, a large number of partners, marketing resources and expertise - all this allows us to count on a rapid start and effective development of sales in Russia. With the receipt of Axoft distribution status in the list of our partners appears a company that will provide Trimble with qualitative and quantitative development of partner network and rapid increase in the number of users in various market segments and industries. Trimble, for its part, will make every effort to make this cooperation a success", says Vitaly Ananyev, regional manager of Trimble.

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