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Exertis Adds Motorola

Mark Weston, Exertis mobile sales director

Broadliner Exertis has unveiled a supplier agreement with Motorola, a Lenovo company, for their range of consumer and Android enterprise recommended smartphones. These include the highly successful and best-selling moto g range, the innovative Motorola one family and the entry level moto e range.

Mark Weston, Exertis mobile sales director, said: “I am delighted that we have added Motorola to our portfolio. Exertis is the home of Android and we are pleased to be able to provide the best choice and widest range of smartphones for our customers. We have an excellent relationship with Lenovo and adding their handset range strengthens our partnership even further.

Motorola smartphones are known for their premium features, quality construction, dependable performance and great value. The company is also at the forefront of bringing 5G technology into the hands of consumers.

Miles Norman, Motorola general manager for Ireland and the United Kingdom, added: “Exertis has an enviable reputation in the mobile market. The opportunity to grow our presence, particularly in the B2B arena, is high on our agenda and Exertis has the customer breadth and programmes in place to help us achieve that.

Android enterprise recommended smartphones support features like zero-touch enrolment and are compatible with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Android zero-touch enrolment enables customers to use their preferred EMM provider to set policies and manage apps on the device and for their employees to be set up and ready to get started straight out of the box, fully configured. Exertis can provide resellers with the means to set up their customers with a zero-touch portal account, a choice of mobile devices and a range of finance options including its own innovative device-as-a-service offering.

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