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COMM-TEC Offers Individually Configurable Cable Solutions

Steffen Herzer, Business Development Manager at COMM-TEC

AV VAD COMM-TEC GmbH is now selling the full range of cable solutions from Exertis Connect, thus exploiting synergies resulting from COMM-TEC's membership of the Exertis Group. As a consequence, COMM-TEC expands its existing portfolio with cable and network technology and is now capable to provide individually configurable solutions for copper and fibre optic cables through Exertis Connect's in-house cable assembly. With Exertis Connect, COMM-TEC has recourse to over 40 years of experience in cable and network technology within its own company group and can now provide specialised dealers in Europe with a full range of cable solutions from audio cables, video cables, USB cables, control cables, fibre optic cables and network cables to power cables. In particular, the in-house cable assembly sets high-quality standards and offers to customers individually configurable cable solutions in the field of copper and fibre optic cables. These can be custom-made according to length, colour and shape and can also be individually printed and labelled. The wide range also includes socket strips, plugs and sockets, adapters and special tools. All articles are stored in Germany and are therefore always available at short notice. "The Exertis Connect cable solutions are an excellent complement to the COMM-TEC portfolio in the areas of network technology as well as video/audio applications and provides high quality standards at an attractive price/performance ratio and, in particular, an additional customer benefit through individually configurable cable solutions. Thus, the new range fits perfectly to our philosophy as VAD”, says Steffen Herzer, Business Development Manager at COMM-TEC.

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