EET Europarts Acquires Express Parts SL

Søren Drewsen, CEO at EET Group

Danish multispecialist EET Europarts has acquired Spanish distributor Express Parts, specialised in one of EET Europarts’ biggest business areas; server, computer and printer parts (SCPP). The acquisition will allow EET Europarts to strengthen the relationship with Epson, Lexmark and HP in Spain and Portugal – three brands EET Europarts already has a close collaboration with.

Acquiring Express Parts is a perfect match for EET”, says Sonia Marcos, Managing Director in EET Europarts Spain, and continues: “this will allow us to reach new markets and business areas and increase our presence in the SCPP market in Spain through well-known and recognised brands such as Epson, HP and Lexmark. Express Parts customers will now also have access to a much broader range of products in both the SCPP business area and in all of EET Europarts’ other product categories.

Express Parts SL has been an active player on the SCPP market since 2001, and commenting on the acquisition, Jaime Torruella, Director of Express Parts SL, says: “we are very proud of the journey our company has taken the past 18 years, working with world-class manufacturers and are thankful for our loyal customer base. We are certain that this is the right next step for us, and confident that our existing customers will benefit from EET Europarts’ well-founded skills and impressive portfolio. EET Europarts is a strong company within the spare parts market and has a tremendous logistic capability and spare parts sales staff across 24 countries.

We have been very successful in performing acquisitions in the past, and we have demonstrated the ability to develop and grow the acquired business activities with our expertise, our business model, and our wide distribution network. With the acquisition of Express Parts SL, we strengthen our position within the SCPP area in Spain significantly”, says Søren Drewsen, CEO at EET Group.