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Merlion on the Phone with Haier

Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of Merlion's Broadline Division

Russian broadliner Merlion and Chinese household vendor Haier have signed a distribution agreement. As an official distributor, Merlion will bring Haier smartphones to the Russian market and, thanks to its wide sales channel (over 7,500 partners), promote these inexpensive and stylish devices with excellent specifications.

"The smartphone market remains one of the most dynamic segments in the IT industry, and this is confirmed by the fact that the best-selling Internet products in Russia are tablets and smartphones", says Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of Merlion's Broadline Division. "We are confident in a good start and successful further cooperation with such a strong manufacturer as Haier, because we know how to work with this product: the product category smartphones in the volume of our sales - in second place. It is worth noting that a significant part of our sales channel are computer and household appliances retailers, federal retail chains, telecom retailers, for which the sale of mobile devices is one of the key areas of business. For our part, as an official distributor, we will ensure the availability of smartphone partners in the warehouse and together with the vendor we intend to develop a sales support system through marketing activities aimed at both partners and end users."

In the near future, thanks to Merlion's partners, all series of Haier smartphones will be presented on the shelves and online shop windows of Russian stores: Infinity flagship model (with a drop-shaped camera neckline and thin display frames that provide a sense of boundless screen), Elegance (for those who are equally important design and functionality), Power (phones with long operating times, equipped with high-capacity batteries) as well as Alfa basic models (with uncompromising functionality at an affordable price). Special attention should be paid to the waterproof and dustproof Titan smartphones, which include modern features (NFC, AI-camera), while able to withstand harsh operating conditions and environmental influences.

According to Tatyana Skokova, "the width of the line, from affordable price segment (with an average price of 35€) to high-end models tagged at 145€), all allied with a high quality, are factors that will definitely appeal consumers."

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