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DSD in the Cloud with Symantec

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Stan Laurijssen, Cloud Services Team Leader at DSD Europe

Dutch software specialist DSD Europe has added Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud to its security offering. DSD also meets the strong demand from its IT partners for the Symantec cloud solution and complements its extensive and varied security offer.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, or SEP Cloud, offers a complete set of security features, presented as a security solution as a service, with which you can easily protect all small and medium-sized enterprise devices against ransomware, zero-day threats and other advanced attacks.

A powerful combination of detection technologies, such as advanced automatic learning and behaviour monitoring, is used to protect terminals from advanced threats and rapidly changing malware. In addition, SEP Cloud includes a mobile security solution to proactively protect iOS and Android devices against a wide range of existing and unknown threats, such as malware, network threats and application/operating system vulnerabilities.

SEP Cloud is provided via the DSD platform as a monthly licensing model per user or per device. With the per-user license model, you can secure multiple devices (PC, Mac or mobile) with a single license key.

"SEP Cloud is offered as a monthly license model with the ability to add additional modules, such as email encryption. With this module, Symantec stands out from all the other security solutions in our range", said Stan Laurijssen, Cloud Services Team Leader at DSD Europe.

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