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Marvel Distributes Yealink

Evgeniy Franzuskiy, head of videoconferencing at Marvel Distribution

Russian broadliner Marvel Distribution has signed an agreement with Yealink for the supply of equipment for voice and video conferencing. The vendor specialises in the development and creation of hardware and software solutions for a wide range of tasks. Among the most popular products are Yealink Meeting Server videoconferencing server, VC800 system for conducting videoconferencing in large classrooms, VC500 for equipping medium-sized meeting rooms, VC200 for small rooms and office aquariums, and Microsoft Teams Rooms MVC video communication solution.

The beginning of cooperation between Marvel and Yealink is due to the active interest of the distributor's partners in affordable, but at the same time high-quality and reliable solutions for audio and video conferences.

The market for conference calls has been developing quite seriously lately, so it’s important for us to have a vendor like Yealink in our portfolio. With the help of his decisions, we can close the needs of a wide audience”, says Evgeniy Franzuskiy, head of videoconferencing at Marvel Distribution.

Russia is one of the most important markets for Yealink, so cooperation with Marvel opens up good prospects for both companies. We are confident that Marvel will become an integral part of the future growth of Yealink’s business, and with joint efforts we will achieve success in the near future”, says Pablo Wang, Vice President of VCL at Yealink.

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