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MTI Launches Raisecom in Ukraine

Sergiy Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI hi-tech distribution

Ukrainian broadliner MTI hi-tech distribution has expanded its telecommunication offer with Raisecom products. The MTI warehouse already includes Ethernet access and aggregation switches, equipment for building PON networks, and protected industrial equipment for building computer and video surveillance networks for large enterprises and strategically important facilities.

Raisecom brand products meet all international quality standards and are widely used in large enterprises, Internet providers, the transport sector, military and industrial facilities, large, medium and small telecommunication operators, etc The assortment of the brand includes:

  • L2 + level access switches and L3 level aggregations;

  • L2 + and L3 switches with PoE support;

  • industrial switches (L2, L2 +, L3, PoE);

  • equipment GPON OLT, ONT, SFP;

  • special software for network management and administration.

Raisecom brand products have been appreciated by Internet service providers, national Internet operators, large commercial and state enterprises, military facilities and industrial enterprises in many countries around the world. And in these areas we aim to develop deliveries, as the equipment has no competitors in the price / quality ratio in such segments”, said Sergiy Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI hi-tech distribution.

MTI hi-tech distribution will provide after-sales support with diagnostics and replacement of Raisecom equipment. Technical support of the first line (solving common issues) and the second line (eliminating technical problems, warranty service) will also be provided directly by MTI.

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