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DSD Europe Distributes MailinBlack

aurent Cauwel, head of the French team and partner at DSD Europe

Software specialist DSD Europe has expanded its portfolio of cloud services with its first anti-spam solution, Mailinblack. Developed in France, MailinBlack distinguishes itself by using human authentication to protect companies and employees against various email threats.

In addition to the traditional anti-spam security filters, enriched by artificial intelligence, Mailinblack adds the Human Lock security system. This system uses human authentication to provide additional protection for users' messaging systems against various threats, such as malware, phishing, ransomware and spam.

"With more than 9,000 users, Mailinblack is a huge success on the French market. A success that we wish to bring to the Benelux by adding Mailinblack's unique anti-spam solution to our platform", says Laurent Cauwel, head of the French team and partner at DSD Europe.

How does Mailinblack work? When a sender sends an e-mail to a Mailinblack user for the first time, this sender receives an authentication request. Senders only receive this request if they are not on the white list and the e-mail does not present any risk for the organisation. Once authentication has been successfully completed, senders are automatically white-listed and email traffic can flow freely. Also, when a Mailinblack user sends an e-mail to an e-mail address, this address is automatically added to its white list.

"Deeply rooted in France with 9,000 users and an average growth rate of 40%, Mailinblack has recently raised 14 million euros and signed a partnership with Microsoft to expand internationally. We are therefore delighted to launch Mailinblack in the Benelux with DSD Europe", says Thomas Kerjean, CEO of Mailinblack." We choose a partnership with DSD because both companies share the same values: dynamic organisations with the ability to grow rapidly, where customer orientation and satisfaction are at the centre of all concerns."

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