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GajShield Infotech Appoints Satcom Infotech

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Satcom Infotech

GajShield Infotech announced the appointment of security VAD Satcom Infotech as a distributor for their Next Generation Firewall and Security Solutions in India, catering to various sizes and business across industries. With this association, Satcom Infotech will be strengthening GajShield’s presence by identifying and appointing their resources and develop a partner ecosystem in India with the help of their registered partners and existing channel network. Satcom Infotech, one of the strongest distributors for Firewall Solutions aims to provide value addition with their previous experience in distributing similar solution in India.

Satcom Infotech’s partners will be able to offer their customers GajShield’s next generation firewall and other security solutions working on subscription-based model across India, penetrating the market even further. This engagement will benefit customers by bringing GajShield’s top of the line security solutions enjoyed by their international clients to the Indian market in a much efficient and scalable way. This will help in revamping network security for a lot of customers by offering best of network security solution for a better and a stronger secured network. GajShield Firewall are available as a platform for network security in the range of Physical Hardware and Virtually-Deployable configurations across both Public and Private Cloud providing comprehensive network security to Small, Medium, Large enterprises and Data Centers with impressive features like context-based security, Data Leak Prevention Solution, Cloud Security, Security for Roaming users, CASB, UEBA, Centralised Management System, Email Security etc. aiming to provide complete security solutions with the help of futuristic technologies like the newly developed Contextual Intelligence Engine for visibility to the deepest possible layer, stronger than ever GajShield Threat Lab for protection against threats and more for securing organisational networks.

Sonit Jain, Founder and CEO of GajShield Infotech, said: “Satcom Infotech’s long years of experience in distribution, robust business infrastructure, reach, and holistic approach along with GajShield’s domain expertise in network security will benefit and empower organisations in various industries across India.

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Satcom Infotech, said: “Gajshield has earned the trust of the IT channel.We have tied up with Gajshield Infotech to enhance our offerings in the Network Securityspace by adding the best of Gateway DLP and other network security solution to our portfolio. Jointly with GajShield, we will be able to offer its ‘make in India’ solutions to partners catering to the Govt and various other sectors.

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