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TP-Link Appoints RRC for Russia

Alexey Mezhevoy, director of the Unified Communications department of RRC

Russian network and security VAD RRC and network vendor TP-Link have signed a partnership agreement. Under the agreement, RRC will act as a project distributor of TP-Link in Russia, as well as a distributor of solutions for small and medium businesses.

TP-Link is well known in Russia as a provider of Wi-Fi routers for home and office and one of the largest manufacturers of network equipment for small and medium businesses.

For more than twenty years the company has been providing Internet access to millions of people in 170 countries. For the last eight years it has been ranked number one in the world in sales of consumer WLAN devices. TP-Link solutions have earned the trust of consumers through high reliability, low cost and easy deployment.

"Our joint work will be aimed at attracting and developing a partner channel among companies involved in the sale of equipment and integration services, as well as those with experience in implementing projects to build broadband and wireless data transmission networks for customers from small and medium-sized businesses. We hope for long-term partnership relations with TP-Link and are confident that the new cooperation will open wide prospects for our business development", said Alexey Mezhevoy, director of the Unified Communications department of RRC.

"A wide and developed partner network, optimised delivery system, prompt customer support are the key factors that determined RRC's choice as a distributor of TP-Link project and SMB solutions in Russia. We hope that RRC will be able to expand its product portfolio with modern and cost-effective TP-Link solutions and offer customers from the small and medium business segment the most complete range of network equipment to meet their needs", said Alexey Usachev, Head of Project Management at TP-Link Russia.

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