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Hitachi Vantara Appoints RRC

Mikhail Kosilov, CEO of RRC Group

Japanese vendor Hitachi Vantara, a division of Japanese corporation Hitachi specialised in digital transformation and implementation of social innovation based on artificial intelligence technology, IoT and big data analytics, has inked a distribution deal with Russian network, security and storage VAD RRC.

The Russian distributor will be allowed to distribute the latest innovations of the Japanese company, including Lumada Data Services (a suite of software services that enable customers to manage complex data ecosystems), Lumada Data Lake (an innovative product in the form of a smart data lake with automatic optimisation capability) and Lumada Edge Intelligence (analytical operations at the edge of infrastructure) as well as the new class of enterprise storage based on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Artificial Intelligence technology - one of the fastest flash solutions in this market segment with 99.999999% data availability.

"Hitachi Vantara specialises in developing advanced infrastructure and analytics solutions for datacentres, enterprise storage, cloud services that empower companies and help them innovate", said Yuri Skachkov, CEO of Hitachi Vantara Russia and CIS. "Today's challenges facing developers and suppliers of IT solutions invariably affect the transformation of the ecosystem of partners and building stronger relationships at each stage of solution distribution in the market. Based on the strategic direction of our company - digital services and products - we plan to modernise the partner channel, making it more flexible and competitive. Partnership with RRC, one of the leading distributors of IT solutions, will help make our solutions as accessible as possible on the Russian market, accelerating the digital transformation of companies-customers."

"Our model of working in the Russian market is to offer solutions and products through distributors and partners", says Alexander Kochetkov, Director of Partner Relations at Hitachi Vantara Russia and CIS. "At the moment, a significant share of the products we offer to the market is infrastructure solutions. However, the strategic direction of development is becoming digital business and one of the key steps in this direction is signing a distribution agreement with RRC, which has a developed partner ecosystem and valuable experience in implementing such solutions. Such cooperation will allow us to offer our joint knowledge and world experience in digital transformation to the market."

"In an era of growing cloud computing and the constant growth of stored and processed information, customers need high-speed, scalable and resilient solutions. Hitachi Vantara technologies are fully in line with, and in many ways ahead of, the demands of the time", said Mikhail Kosilov, CEO of RRC Group.

"Big data analytics is not just a trend anymore, but real working processes, without which it is impossible to imagine the work of a modern company. And we are happy to offer our partners solutions from Hitachi Vantara, capable of speeding up and optimising business processes of the companies-customers", said Roman Moiseev, General Manager of RRC Group Russia.

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