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A Giants Step for 22 distributors

Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software
Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software

GIANTS Software has unveiled a global network of 22 sales partners that GIANTS Software has just established within its self-publishing structure. As a publisher, GIANTS Software will publish its own products and lead the global positioning and branding strategies for all its partners.

With their support, the developer and publisher of Farming Simulator is extending its reach by overseeing its network to distribute and promote upcoming titles in the agricultural simulation series. GIANTS Software will support the local activities of its partners as part of its global strategy to reach and communicate with fans around the world.

"We have come a long way since we started our journey as a self-publisher", says Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software, who built a fully operational team within the company in 2020. "Our careful preparation has enabled us to bring together some excellent partners. They are not only a perfect match for our brand, but they are also just as committed and competent as we had hoped. Together, we want to bring the Farming Simulator experience to gamers around the world, no matter where they are."

By developing this global network of partners, GIANTS Software is not only increasing its reach and brand awareness, but also increasing its independence as a game developer with a growing self-publishing business. Twenty-two partners have already joined the venture, and the number will continue to grow:

  • ARAL (Turkey)

  • astragon Entertainment (publisher in Germany)

  • Cenega (Czechia, Hungary and Poland)

  • Colby, ComputerLand Group Company (Slovenia)

  • DigitalBros (Italy)

  • Ecoplay (Portugal)

  • Enarxis (Greece)

  • ERC (Ukraine)

  • Five Star Games (Australia)

  • Gamesplanet (French online gaming platform)

  • Koch Media (France)

  • MUVE (Czechia and Poland)

  • Netzah Game (Romania)

  • PAN Vision (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden)

  • Play Art (Austria)

  • Playman (Czechia)

  • Simactive Distribution (Hungary)

  • Soft Source (Singapore)

  • Solutions 2 Go (Canada)

  • Thali AG (Switzerland)

  • U&I Entertainment (United States)

  • XD Inc. (China)

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