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A Large Theft at ELKO

Svens Dinsdorfs, the Director of ELKO Group
Svens Dinsdorfs, the Director of ELKO Group

During the 16/17-May weekend, a large number of IT products were stolen from the warehouse of ELKO Group, one of the largest distributor of IT products and solutions, in Riga, Latvia. As these goods were fully insured, they will have no effect on company’s continued operations, however, considering the scale of the theft, ELKO has offered a reward of up to €200,000 for any information that may help to find the perpetrators.

This crime was committed by a group of perpetrators during the previous weekend in the ELKO Group warehouse in ‘Lidostas Parks’ business park, Riga, Latvia. The perpetrators gained illegal access via the neighbouring warehouse.

We expect that the Baltic and Eastern European market may be flooded with a large quantity of stolen goods: mobile phones, laptops, processors, and video and memory cards. We invite all industry partners to get in touch with us if there is any suspicion about the origin of goods”, Svens Dinsdorfs, the Director of ELKO Group, explains. “We can provide all serial numbers of the stolen goods. The re-sale of stolen goods is illegal, and any such goods may be seized from the respective sellers or buyers.

To find the perpetrators, the State Police of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the company and investigators hired by insurers are investing their best effort. As the goods were fully insured, their theft will not affect the company in any noticeable way. However, considering the scale of the theft, ELKO has decided to offer a reward of up to €200,000 to anyone who provides information that will help to find the perpetrators, executors and supporters. The reward is valid both in Latvia and other countries.

ELKO urges to provide any information about the identity of parties who commissioned, committed, and aided and abetted this crime, as well as the route via which the stolen goods were transported and any offers from unauthorised distributors.

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