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A New Course for BNS

BNS Managing Director Jeroen van Kerkhof
BNS Managing Director Jeroen van Kerkhof

With over 20 years of experience as a specialised fulfillment partner of telecom providers, Dutch network and telecom specialist BNS Data Logistics BV from Vianen now splits in a new strategic direction into two companies; BNS Cosmos and BNS Netstar. "Our ambition is greater than the growth opportunities within the current market", says Managing Director Jeroen van Kerkhof. "By splitting the company we can serve existing customers even better from two separate propositions, BNS Cosmos and BNS Netstar, while at the same time becoming more accessible to new target groups."

The fulfilment activities will be housed at BNS Cosmos, a name that existing customers will recognise from BNS's in-house developed automation system. The branch opened in 2018 in Germany (Neuss) will also become part of BNS Cosmos.

BNS Cosmos takes care of all logistics services for the entire lifecycle of a technological product. What distinguishes this is that BNS Cosmos actively supports customers in maximising the return on investment of the products.

"We design the process for each customer specifically, whereby all activities from the moment of the initial order to the final disposal of the product are 'in scope'", says Van Kerkhof. "Sustainability is an important theme, which is why, in addition to outbound logistics, we also take care of things like refurbishment, software updates and remarketing. In this way, we contribute directly to the environmental objectives of our customers, including reducing CO2 emissions."

In addition to the existing target group in the telecom sector, BNS Cosmos sees opportunities in the market for ICT products, medical equipment and Internet of Things. Not only for European customers, but also for American organisations that want to make the step to Europe, for example.

The knowledge and expertise that BNS has in the field of development and delivery of network and telecom products will be housed in BNS Netstar. This name is derived from the company Netstar Products, with which BNS has a partnership.

BNS Netstar develops innovative network and connectivity products for global Internet Service Providers, Installers and Enterprise AV distributors that give end users a better experience.

"Like BNS, we were looking for a cooperation partner to facilitate further growth", said Arthur de Jager, Commercial Director of BNS Netstar. "We see in the partnership on the one hand many similarities in the nature of the products and the way of working and on the other hand many opportunities to strengthen each other in the go-to-market strategy."

BNS Netstar has its own brands such as Niveo professional (network equipment) and Lan-Do (cables and accessories) and completes its portfolio with the distribution of global brands such as Icotera (modems), Amino (TV Boxes), CTS (media converters) and Grandstream (IP telephony).

For the further development of the portfolio, BNS Netstar strongly believes in regional development and production. "By doing so, we increase control over and reliability of the supply chain, while reducing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability and recyclability of the products", De Jager stressed.

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