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ALSO Accelerates Expansion of Cloud Platform Business

Jan Bogdanovich, Senior Vice President Consumptional Business of ALSO
Jan Bogdanovich, Senior Vice President Consumptional Business of ALSO

The signs are pointing to consistent growth: in addition to expanding Solutions, the cloud-based Service business is also being focused on exploiting the current opportunities. Broadliner ALSO has been systematically investing in digital platforms for years - now the company sees its course confirmed by the boom that cloud business, especially the as-a-service offering, but also cybersecurity products and AI-supported applications are currently experiencing.

Jan Bogdanovich, Senior Vice President Consumptional Business of ALSO, said: "the hybrid world of the Next Normal offers us the opportunity to greatly expand the number of unique users of the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. At the same time, we can significantly increase the monetisation depth of each individual workplace through our ecosystem, additional areas of competence such as Cybersecurity or AI and the possibility to market devices as-a-service directly via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. This is a real competitive advantage that we will consistently exploit together with our channel partners."

Cloud-centric thinking and customer-focused work are crucial for quantitative growth. Strengthened by additional new employees, customer support for the digital transformation of end customers will be intensified. Development teams will enable easy migration of client systems and make distribution and onboarding processes even simpler. In order to further optimise monetisation, cooperation with existing vendors will be intensified; at the same time, additional vendors and ISVs will be acquired for the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

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