ALSO and Recommerce Group Launch Circular Trade-in Programme

Marc Nijhof, Managing Director of ALSO Nederland
Marc Nijhof, Managing Director of ALSO Nederland

Broadliner ALSO Nederland is introducing a trade-in programme whereby companies can sell back used smartphones, tablets and laptops. The technology provider is setting up this programme with Recommerce Group, the European market leader in this field, and in doing so is contributing to the circular economy.

For years there has been a trend for companies to offer their IT hardware to specialised companies who check, clean and refurbish the equipment after it has been bought back. However, while refurbishing has become increasingly common for laptops and displays, smartphones are generally left in the hands of users. And this despite the fact that these smartphones often still represent a substantial value and can be given a second life.

"The fact that more can be done with used smartphones was a well-known fact to us here at ALSO. Thanks to the partnership with Recommerce Group we can now offer a programme that allows resellers to return and sell these valuable Smartphones. For ALSO this is another important step towards more circularity", says Marc Nijhof, Managing Director of ALSO Nederland.

At a time of increasing scarcity due to chip shortages and rapidly rising raw material prices, trade-in and selling refurbished appliances is becoming more common. Ab Seghrouchni, Country Manager Netherlands of Recommerce Group, says about the introduction of the trade-in programme: "it is a great step that we are taking together with ALSO Netherlands to get more devices back from the business market. Together we are making the return of tech-hardware easier for end customers and resellers. In this way, we create direct value, contribute to CO2 reduction and also to a purely circular process. For Recommerce Group, local sourcing has always been an important principle, because it keeps the products and raw materials on the European market. After all, why source them from all over the world when the used appliances are in kitchen drawers here locally?"

ALSO customers can register hardware via the ALSO website. The value of the hardware is then determined and the return and payment process arranged. A simple and fast process checks whether the device is working or not. It is also guaranteed that the highest security standards are applied and that the data on the device is deleted according to certified protocols.

"Our partners immediately know the value that can be expected in return and know that the old equipment will be put to good use. They can then recoup that value for their customers when they purchase new hardware, which can result in significant savings. A win-win situation for customers and the environment", says Marc Nijhof.