ALSO Establishes Sustainability Committee and Enshrines it in Statute

Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding
Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding

Broadliner ALSO's long-term strategy as a technology provider is to continuously improve results. This applies not only in the economic area - but also in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas.

This is reflected in a wide range of initiatives. Solar panels have been installed on several ALSO buildings. The Benelux warehouse in Nieuwegein runs on solar and wind energy and solar panels were also installed on ALSO buildings in Finland and Switzerland last year.

OSCAR, the digital guide developed by ALSO to help children and parents manage their digital lives successfully and safely is also part of one of the initiatives.

In Sustainalytics' latest ESG Risk Rating, ALSO ranked 81st out of a total of more than 15,000 companies assessed, making ESG a "negligible risk" for the company, the lowest risk category.

Now ALSO is taking this a step further with the inclusion of ESG criteria in its bylaws. To support and oversee the practical implementation, a Sustainability Committee consisting of internal and external experts will be established to complement the existing Audit Committee.

Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding, said: "over the past eleven years, we have already developed a rating system for measuring our sustainable performance and implemented it in the organization. The results are communicated in our annual reports, and since last year in a separate ESG report due to the steadily increasing volume. We have had to develop a lot ourselves and unfortunately there is still no binding regulation from the legislators. Together with the experts of the Sustainability Committee, we now want to work on additional areas and thus continue to pursue sustainable, profitable growth."