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ALSO Optimises its Cloud Marketplace

Jan Bogdanovich, SVP Consumptional Business of ALSO Holding
Jan Bogdanovich, SVP Consumptional Business of ALSO Holding

Building on insight gained from intense discussions with different customer groups, broadliner ALSO further optimises its Cloud Marketplace (ACMP). New functions are added to make the most of the revenue potential arising from the ecosystem of hardware, software and services for digital workplaces. The ability to offer hardware and software together via one platform with WaaS is a unique feature of the platform - there even is an integrated financing option for end customers.

Furthermore, the ACMP offers a fast and convenient way to migrate legacy contracts to the cloud. With Open2CSP, partners only need to enter their Microsoft partner network ID, and the system takes care of everything else. Customer quotes for switching from Open to CSP are generated automatically, and renewing licenses is just as easy. ALSO provides support for all questions regarding Microsoft Partner Membership updates.

CSPs can increase monetisation based on in-depth analysis of the customers and their user behaviour. MSPs will find a multitude of programs simplifying the management and billing of their accounts. ISVs are able to sell their applications in all of the 90 countries the ACMP covers. Stefan Zenkel, CEO of aConTech, said: "due to ALSO's experience in the entire as a service business, we have been able to help our customers making the most of the aaS concept. We can offer them a wide range of up-to-date products. And as an ISV, the huge partner and distribution network of ALSO brought us a broad market immediately. What is more, the ALSO cloud marketplace allows us to fully automate and integrate in our internal systems."

Another issue channel partners expect from their cloud platform is cybersecurity. ALSO offers innovative solutions designed specifically for SMBs, including customised risk assessments. In addition, there are partner programs that further increase profitability.

Jan Bogdanovich, SVP Consumptional Business of ALSO Holding, explains: "the ACMP is much more than just a software provisioning tool. It is one of the enablers of our hybrid world. ALSO's platform services range from cloud to edge systems, cybersecurity, IoT, streaming, gaming and AI. The growth opportunities this opens up for all channel partners are enormous."

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