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Alviva Acquires Tarsus

Pierre Spies, CEO of Alviva
Pierre Spies, CEO of Alviva

South African distribution group Alviva has acquired technology distributor Tarsus for €10.8 million. Upon implementation of the acquisition, Tarsus will become a subsidiary of Alviva.

Established in 1985, Tarsus is a partner in handling and distributing some of the world’s most prominent IT brands to the Southern African reseller channel. Tarsus has expanded into multiple regions across sub-Saharan Africa.

The group offers its customers branded products within the wider technology distribution ecosystem, supported by professional solutions in supply chain optimisation, cloud, and security.

The Tarsus Group has two main operating subsidiaries: Tarsus Distribution, the company that owns the Botswana, Namibian and South African IT distribution operations, and Tarsus on Demand, a company which operates a cloud solutions business.

Excluded from the transaction is the GAAP Point-of-Sale software business, which will be distributed, prior to Alviva’s acquisition, to the current shareholders.

Pierre Spies, CEO of Alviva, said: "we chose to acquire Tarsus for several reasons. First, we are seeking to expand into the retail customer segment where we have a limited exposure compared to Tarsus. Second, the acquisition will be an opportunity for us to expand our product offer with additional vendors. Third, with Tarsus we will be able to grow our African business by almost €40 million. And, fourth and finally, the acquisition will allow us to strengthen our cloud solutions business, a market on which Tarsus pretty strong, thanks to its Tarsus on Demand structure."

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