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Arrow ECS Adds Pure Storage to ArrowSphere

Updated: May 20, 2022

Alexis Brabant, vice president of sales for Arrow ECS EMEA
Alexis Brabant, vice president of sales for Arrow ECS EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has added Pure as-a-Service and Pure Cloud Block Store to ArrowSphere, its global cloud delivery and management platform. Under the agreement with Pure Storage, the solutions will be available to channel customers in a number of regions and countries across Europe, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Pure as-a-Service is a service-oriented flexible consumption model for delivering Pure ’s solutions in a pay-as-you-go format. Pure as-a-Service helps deliver more than simply operating expense savings, it transforms customers’ enterprise infrastructure environments by providing services, such as monitoring, service-level objectives (SLOs), and specific service level agreements (SLAs). It supports block, file, and object storage services that can be deployed on-premise, in a co-location facility, and in the public cloud. A significant part of the economic benefit brought by as-a-service models is clear per-unit pricing, which allows customers to scope and price projects based upon outcomes, not the hardware required to deliver them.

Pure Cloud Block Store is a cloud-native solution delivering seamless data mobility, resilience, and a consistent experience. Pure Cloud Block Store runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and provides customers with the convenience of cloud storage, reliability, low latency, compression, and ease of access. It enables always-on encryption with cloud-native cybersecurity, providing a compliant solution that helps safeguard data while preserving its integrity.

The global cloud and the ‘as-a-service’ market continues to grow and, as a premier solutions provider, we have built industry-leading platforms and formed vendor alliances that make it easier for our customers to capitalise on the opportunity”, said Alexis Brabant, vice president of sales for Arrow ECS EMEA. “ArrowSphere is designed to simplify the connection between cloud and ‘as a service’ providers, channel partners and end-users, enabling channel partners to build tailored multi-vendor solutions for their clients. By adding Pure as-a-Service and Pure Cloud Block Store to ArrowSphere, our customers can easily purchase and manage their Pure Storage and AWS subscriptions in one place.

Our customers want efficient, reliable infrastructure solutions delivered via a flexible consumption model”, said Wendy Stusrud, vice president global partner sales, Pure Storage. “Pure as-a-Service and Pure Cloud Block Store for AWS and Microsoft Azure deliver a true hybrid experience, providing seamless data mobility and management. These solutions enable customers to run mission-critical applications on less infrastructure, eliminating data silos, and help make dev/test environments more efficient. This empowers customers to modernise with greater choice, efficiency, and simplicity.

ArrowSphere, the cloud delivery and management platform, enables the IT channel by providing a single platform to purchase and manage cloud products and services, monitor activity and consumption with embedded business intelligence tools, sell own services with a customisable storefront, and simplify the billing process.

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