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ASBIS Becomes Premium Distributor of Stratus Technologies

Costas Tziamalis, Management Board Member of ASBISc Enterprises
Costas Tziamalis, Management Board Member of ASBISc Enterprises

Broadliner ASBIS Enterprises becomes a Premium Distributor of world-class Edge Computing platforms Stratus Technologies for business. Under the terms of the agreement, Stratus platforms will be available in Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

By adding Stratus, ASBIS strengthens its VAD portfolio for business clients with resilient Edge Computing server platforms, including the fault-tolerant Stratus ftServer and Stratus ztC Edge.

Stratus Technologies, a world-class provider of software and servers for businesses for more than 40 years provides simple, protected and reliable zero-touch computing platforms, enabling companies around the world to safely and remotely transform data into useful information on edge devices, in the cloud and in datacentres.

As part of the agreement, ASBIS now offers advanced server solutions for edge processing where no downtime is acceptable, i.e. Stratus ftServer, Stratus ztC Edge and Stratus everRun software.

  • Stratus ftServer enables organisations to run business-critical software and processes with no downtime, helping companies maximise revenue, productivity, and performance. Deployed typically in data centres for over 20 years, the ftServer supports 3 different operating environments - Microsoft Windows Servers, VMWare vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Stratus ztC Edge is a rugged, secure, highly-automated computing platform that protects and delivers business critical applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently in distributed, under-resourced locations.

  • Stratus everRun is highly versatile, yet affordable, always available software that, when combined with industry standard x86 systems, quickly and easily protects virtualised workloads and data.

Costas Tziamalis, Management Board Member of ASBISc Enterprises, commented: “we are delighted to be adding world-class Edge Computing platforms from Stratus to our offer, thus expanding our VAD portfolio for business in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. This is part of our ongoing commitment to build our portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. From now on, our clients in the countries specified in the agreement will be able to reduce risks of unexpected downtimes and loss of information by protecting their business-critical IT infrastructure with Stratus platforms."

Richard Sharod, VP EMEA, Stratus, added: “the ASBIS-Stratus partnership is a powerful combination in Eastern Europe. ASBIS’s local expertise in this region, together with their in-depth knowledge of the IT markets will allow us to quickly take advantage of the growing Edge Computing market in many industries. We are delighted to be delivering always-on availability for ASBIS’s customers in a wide range of industries where Edge Computing is an increasing need, and together, to unlock the full potential of digital transformation for customers.

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