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ASBIS Delivered 10 More Ambulance Vehicles To Ukraine

Vitaliy Melnichenko, Director of ASBIS Ukraine
Vitaliy Melnichenko, Director of ASBIS Ukraine

On May 23, 2022, broadliner ASBIS handed over another 10 ambulances to the cities of Ukraine that required them the most: Kramatorsk (2 vehicles), Severodonetsk (2 vehicles), Dnipro (2 vehicles), Mykolaiv (2 vehicles), Kharkiv, and Zaporizhia. Ambulances were fully equipped with special medical equipment. In addition, a significant amount of medications has been added to each of the vehicles, which is necessary for the provision of emergency medical care on the ground.

Now victims can be quickly moved to hospitals or bomb shelters with minimal threat to their lives. This project was implemented jointly with the Public Organization “Zeilen van Vrijheid”, led by Veronika Mutsei.

Ukrainian cities in the East of Ukraine have been at the forefront since the first days of the war waged by Russia in the country. Today, most of the cities in this region are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, following the constant shelling and bombardment. Many have their critical infrastructure facilities completely destroyed, which makes it impossible to provide qualified emergency medical care to the wounded and injured. Thanks to the transfer of ambulances equipped with special equipment and medications, doctors will be able to save more lives.

The international company ASBIS Enterprises PLC, which is represented in Ukraine by ASBIS Ukraine, Breezy Ukraine, iOn, and iSupport, closely monitors the situation and initiates the allocation of support where it is most needed. In April 2022, the company handed over 10 ambulances that have been saving the lives of people in Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Donbas, and Mykolaiv for more than a month.

We continue helping Ukraine in these difficult times, aiming to reduce humanitarian catastrophe and alleviate the suffering. It is a great honour for us to help the cities of the Eastern Region by supplying them with these 10 new ambulances fully equipped with special medical equipment, and we are grateful to everyone who helps save lives in our country”, said Vitaliy Melnichenko, Director of ASBIS Ukraine.

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