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ASBIS Distributes Axtel in Hungary

Zoltán Sipos, general manager of ASBIS IT Solutions Hungary
Zoltán Sipos, general manager of ASBIS IT Solutions Hungary

Broadliner ASBIS IT Solutions Hungary has inked a distribution deal with Axtel, a global provider of professional communications solutions.

Originally based in Warsaw, Poland, Axtel is now a truly European manufacturer offering its products and solutions worldwide.

"In its journey to become a global provider of high-quality devices, Axtel has many years of experience in the professional communications market. Axtel manufactures high-quality communications solutions for organizations where telecommunications is central to business", explained Zoltán Sipos, general manager of ASBIS IT Solutions Hungary. "By prioritizing user needs and convenience, Axtel enable professionals to advance their goals through advanced voice technology with clear two-way communication."

Axtel, based in Europe, offers communication solutions for call center and office workers. User needs and expectations are the number one priority in the design process. The goal is to create call center headsets that facilitate the work of our customers at the best possible level. Leveraging the benefits of modern technology, we focus on making business conversations even better and more authentic.

Axtel specializes in professional, high-quality VoIP phones in addition to headsets. Its commitment to sound quality, reliability and maximum comfort has provided us with satisfied customers. As technology continues to change, evolve and grow according to user needs, so does the telephone industry. After much deliberation, design and testing by designers and product managers, Axtel is introducing a new, exclusive, intuitive family of IP phones using VoIP technology.

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