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ASBIS Distributes Eaton

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Eaton UPS

Broadliner ASBIS Belarus has signed a distribution agreement with Eaton, the world leader in energy management.

Eaton International Corporation is a diversified diversified industrial company specialising in the development of solutions for the management of all types of energy from its production to power distribution. The company's products operate in dozens of industries, including aviation (both civil and military), automotive, and various industrial enterprises.

All Eaton solutions are the result of regular technological innovations and can rightfully be called "next generation products": their development is carried out using a unified technological platform, which greatly simplifies the process of improving and upgrading the power supply system. And in the design of specific UPS models, Eaton, as a UPS manufacturer, takes into account the different applications and specific requirements of certain markets.

Eaton's uninterruptible power supply solutions include:

  • UPSs for PCs, workstations and home audio/video appliances

  • UPS for network and server equipment

  • UPS for Data Centers and Production Facilities

  • IT racks and power distribution units

  • power management software

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