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ASBIS Distributes Redmond

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Tetyana Yatsenko, marketing director at ASBIS Ukraine

Broadliner ASBIS Ukraine has expanded its portfolio with kitchen small appliances, through a distribution partnership with Redmond, an innovative manufacturer of smart home appliances.

"The modern man in the bustle of everyday life does not want to spend time on everyday chores. Fortunately, the level of scientific and technological progress today can be significantly different from the routine processes, to pay more attention to really important things: communication with relatives, active lifestyle, rest, study or work. Redmond's top priority is the smart home concept, in which all household appliances are connected and managed using a single software", commented on the event, Anna Bidnyk, Redmond's marketing director.

"Our company, being a well-known adherent of the digital approach in all aspects of its manifestation, is ready, together with a new partner, to actively develop the market of smart appliances in Ukraine, to help consumers to make their daily life more comfortable, optimal and joyful", added Tetyana Yatsenko, marketing director at ASBIS Ukraine.

The Smart House from Redmond is a unique intelligent control system for home appliances of our own production. The product range includes over 50 innovative products: kettles, coffee makers, multi-cookers, ovens, multi-bakers, grills, water heaters and other appliances. Among them is the world's first full-scale line of smart appliances for Sky Kitchen. The control center for all user-available Redmond appliances is a personal smartphone or tablet. It is enough to install a specially designed mobile application Ready for Sky, which allows you to remotely turn on and off devices, set and change settings, etc.

Redmond sets the tone for innovation, making the breakthrough in home automation with the release of every new device. The brand creates the technique to build perfect home space and use the owner's personal time effectively.

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