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ASBIS Donated new Mobile X-ray Equipment to Chernihiv’s Regional Hospital

Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine
Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine

On May 6, 2022, broadliner ASBIS Enterprises PLC donated a modern mobile X-ray machine to the Regional Hospital in Chernihiv. With the new equipment, doctors will be able to make more accurate and faster diagnoses, which in turn will help save more lives. The project was implemented jointly with the NGO "Svoyim", headed by Tatyana Yavorskaya.

Chernihiv has been at the forefront since the first days of the aggression war waged by Russia in Ukraine. Over the past two months, 27 out of 34 schools, 37 out of 52 kindergartens, and 3 out of 4 hospitals in the city have been destroyed. The regional hospital stayed intact but was left with just one mobile X-ray machine to be shared between its 4 buildings, which was gravely insufficient and seriously complicated the process of diagnosing patients. With the growing number of victims who need high-quality and fast diagnostics to receive the necessary treatment, receiving another mobile X-ray machine RAFALE DR was crucial to saving more lives.

The international company ASBIS Enterprises PLC, which is represented in Ukraine by the companies ASBIS Ukraine, Breezy Ukraine, iOn and iSupport, closely monitors the situation and initiates the allocation of support where it is most needed.

We are constantly collaborating with public organisations that help us understand what is needed and where we can be most useful in order to save as many lives as possible. We will not stop at this and will continue to help Ukraine in this difficult time”, stated Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine.

ASBIS was providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. To date, the company has donated numerous essential items, first aid kits, power generators, transport vehicles, as well as 20 ambulances, and has also increased its UkraineHelpFund to €1.87 million from the initial €0.93 million.

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