ASBIS Donates 5 Medical Cars to Hospitals in Ukraine

Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS-Ukraine
Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS-Ukraine

Broadliner ASBISC Enterprises PLC is transferring 5 medical vehicles to hospitals in Ukrainian cities: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, and Kyiv. This project was implemented in cooperation with the Zeilen van Vrijheid Foundation.

These vehicles include special medical equipment and a siren identification signal, allowing for a quick response to a call from a potential patient. The equipment contains monitors/defibrillators and emergency medical kits. This format of cars will be introduced into the Ukrainian system of emergency medical care for the first time.

Maria Pedenko, medical coordinator of Zeilen, stated: “for the first time, we are transferring passenger-type ambulances to Ukraine. We hope that these vehicles will increase the mobility of medical teams and become reliable assistants in providing emergency help to victims.

ASBIS, which is represented in Ukraine by ASBIS-Ukraine, Breezy Ukraine, iOn, and iSupport, closely monitors the situation and initiates the provision of support where it is most in demand and needed. Since the beginning of the war, the company has already donated 20 ambulances, which have been saving the lives of residents of Ukrainian cities for a long time.

We continue helping Ukraine through cooperation with Humanitarian organizations and State institutions. Thanks to joint efforts, we managed to deliver the first medical cars in Ukraine, which makes it possible to provide quick medical assistance to people and save even more lives. We are grateful to everyone who defends our country”, commented Vitaliy Melnichenko, director of ASBIS-Ukraine.