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ASBIS Expands its VAD Business with Microsoft Azure Directory

Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director in ASBISc Enterprises
Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director in ASBISc Enterprises

Broadliner ASBIS has completed the certification process of its servers dedicated to cooperation with the Microsoft Azure platform, offering a number of services in the cloud. Thus, ASBIS was recognised in surrounding of nearly 30 official Microsoft Azure partners in the world. This is a confirmation of the further development of ASBIS as a VAD Distributor.

In the official catalogue of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, there are currently 5 ASBIS servers built on the basis of Intel components. All meet Microsoft's requirements, which is a confirmation of their reliability and high efficiency, as well as compatibility with Microsoft's most current products and services.

ASBIS servers will enable customers to transfer data centres to the cloud, thanks to which employees will be able to have a safe and effective remote access to data placed in an environment created specifically for a given company. Thus, investment expenditures in the future to modernise their own data centres will be minimised and the work will take place smoothly, in a modern and safe environment.

Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director in ASBISc Enterprises, commented:“ASBIS is very dynamically developing its VAD Distributor services. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we are constantly expanding our product portfolios that help them pass a digital transformation. It is particularly important now when access to a safe and fast environment in which employees can work also remotely, is a need. Our servers are an example. They have undergone Microsoft certification system, which means that they are compatible with the latest Microsoft services and products.

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