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ASBIS Launches Gaming Brand Lorgar

A Lorgar microphone
A Lorgar microphone

Broadliner ASBISc Enterprises has launched new brand of ultimate accessories for gamers, Lorgar.

The brand’s mission is to provide every gamer feel living and exciting emotions from gaming with high-quality devices, inspired by the requests of the best gamers. The product portfolio includes mice, keyboards, mousepads, gamepads, chairs, microphones, web cameras, headsets, and other peripherals. The full-scale product range will be released in Q2-2022.

Lograr first enters the market with professional-grade microphones. Gamers can choose from 4 models that cover a wide range of needs.

This is a product line of professional-grade microphones compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and Sony PlayStation. Devices support Discord, OBS, FL Studio, Skype, Zoom, and other relevant apps suitable for gaming, streaming and voice chatting. All microphone models provide high-quality sound broadcasting thanks to cardioid polarpattern.

SONER 313 is a good choice with the most needed options. This model has all the necessary features for comfortable communication with your teammates and followers. The device is equipped with a volume knob and echo knob. Adjustable tripod included.

VOICER models are high performance microphones in the category with a wide range of configuration and package options.

  • VOICER 521 provides professional sound transmission for the interlocutor. This model is the optimal balance of basic equipment and top performance. The device is complete with volume and sensitivity control, tap-to-mute touch button, microphone status indicator. Adjustable tripod is included.

  • VOICER 721 is more advanced versions of microphones. This model has an expanded bundle of features for more experienced users. The device provides volume and sensitivity control, tap-to-mute touch button, microphone status indicator, shock mount to isolate mic from sound and vibration. Advanced tripod, adjustable by high and angle will allow you to place the microphone away from the workplace, and the gooseneck pop-filter will additionally protect your voice from excessive expression (air and moisture).

  • VOICER 931 comes in the top-end configuration with highly customisable settings. The device has a pantograph and headphones volume monitoring control knob. The ability to adjust the sound volume while monitoring it allows you to work comfortably with sound, and the presence of a pantograph in the complete set allows you to place your microphone in the workplace as efficiently and conveniently as possible. Adjustable tripod, shock mount, and the gooseneck pop-filter are included.

Professional microphones allow gamers to communicate more comfortably thanks to high quality sound transmission. This is critical in tight crunch-time moments, where every word should be communicated clearly for more pwnage and win.

In total, at the moment, sales to partners in all countries amounted to more than 2000 units.

Lorgar products are available through ASBIS offices in Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Qazaqstan, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa (for English-speaking and Southern Africa), Tunisia (for French-speaking Maghreb), Ukraine (also for South Caucasus) and the United Arab Emirates (for the Middle East).

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