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ASBIS Watches Television with Thomson

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Tetyana Yatsenko, Marketing Director of ASBIS Ukraine
Tetyana Yatsenko, Marketing Director of ASBIS Ukraine

Broadliner ASBIS Ukraine has started cooperation with French vendor Thomson, a manufacturer that has been successfully selling consumer appliances and electronics for over 120 years in a row. The brand's mission is to offer reliable products to a wide range of consumers, combining emotions and innovations in its development. The brand's slogan is "Friendly Technology", which means always being on the side of the consumer, justifying the trust of generations of families around the world.

ASBIS Ukraine has immediately added to its product line two series of smart TVs, the E56 and UE64 model lines.

"Thanks to the super detailed image and multimedia capabilities of Thomson TVs, you can easily immerse yourself in the world of travel to tourist destinations and admire world attractions, enjoy spectacular shows, loud concerts or bright performances, attend interesting lectures or popular trainings, cheer for the team. or even play a computer game for her. With Thomson TVs, the line between virtuality and reality will be blurred forever", said Tetyana Yatsenko, Marketing Director of ASBIS Ukraine.

"We strongly believe that Thomson brand products have a huge sales potential due to the optimal combination of price and quality. It is very important that the amazing feeling of visual immersion and the richness of the expanded functionality can now be afforded by every willing Ukrainian. Advanced developments and years of proven quality are the undoubted advantages of our new and promising partner”, added Vitaliy Melnychenko, CEO of ASBIS Ukraine.

Thomson products are available on the Ukrainian market (except in the areas occupied by Russia, that is Crimea in the South and Donbas in the East) through major local retailers such as Rozetka, Foxtrot and Comfy.

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