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ASBIS Stores on Synology

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Ljubiša Janeski, managing director of ASBIS Serbia
Ljubiša Janeski, managing director of ASBIS Serbia

Broadliner ASBIS Serbia has expanded its portfolio with a distribution agreement with Synology, one of the world's leading manufacturers of networked storage devices (NAS).

"NAS systems are network devices that contain multiple hard drives, usually configured in a redundant manner, and make a large data warehouse available for the entire network, and at a very affordable price. They are widely used in companies of all sizes, and at home for central data storage and / or backing up files from multiple computers", explains Ljubiša Janeski, managing director of ASBIS Serbia. "The Synology portfolio includes a variety of NAS unit models to suit all your specific needs and available budgets. It involves desktop models, called DiskStation, rack-mounted models called RackStation and FlashStation that provide SSD type memory."

Synology NAS devices are classified into four product families: FS / XS (+) series, Plus series, Value Series and J series. The FS / XS and Plus series are tailored to businesses and other business needs, some of the Value series models can suit the needs of small businesses, while the J series is suitable for home use.

Synology comes with a host of features that allow you to make the most of your investment in NAS. Introducing the most commonly used functions:

  • File Sharing - Easily share files across multiple platforms - whether Windows, MacOS or Linux. File Station allows you to search, explore and organise files with just a few clicks. This handy and easy file exploration tool lets you drag and drop files on your PC or Mac. You can also access your files using mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

  • Cloud Syncing - CloudStation Suite lets you sync data across all your devices, such as computers, servers, mobile devices, and other Synology NAS units. This helps you automatically update files on all devices. You can connect the NAS to public cloud services such as Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, OpenStack Swift and more.

  • Backup - The backup tools that come with Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 help protect your data from unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, or accidental deletion. Allows you to back up exactly what you want, whether it's folders or file type and / or size. You can schedule real-time backups and incremental backups with version history, so you can go back in time and recover files that were overwritten or accidentally deleted. Snapshot replication helps your business by enabling scheduled almost instantaneous encrypted data protection - documents and virtual machines. Hyper Backup helps you back up multiple versions while reducing storage capacity consumption.

  • Multimedia - Tools such as Video Station, Photo Station, Audio Station and iTunes server provide more opportunities to enjoy your multimedia content on all devices - anytime, anywhere. The intuitive browser-based interface makes it very easy to use and allows you to spend more time enjoying it rather than managing it.

  • iSCSI and Virtualisation - Synology provides data storage solutions in virtualised environments with high performance and reliability, enabling large and demanding enterprises to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Features such as SSD cache provide high performance without costing, and tools such as e.g. Storage Manager allows the system administrator to manage very easily and simply. A number of other functions such as Windows ODX integration, LUN Snapshot / Clone, VMware Site Recovery Manager, etc. make Synology NAS a great solution for virtualised environments.

  • Management - DSM helps you carefully configure, maintain and monitor your NAS, and has powerful tools to control file access. In addition to access control based on an individual account, group of users, or IP address, it also supports Windows ACLs to achieve file-based granularity through an intuitive user interface. Most businesses have domains set up on their network, and Synology supports Windows Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to eliminate the need to maintain multiple user sets and their credentials. Many other functions are included for network management and maintenance.

  • Plug-in packages - There are many additional software packages available that extend the value and functionality of your Synology NAS.You'll be able to download and install packages designed specifically for your unique needs, whether it's sharing files in the cloud, sharing photos in a web album, setting up a VPN environment, or even antivirus protection to protect your system.You can find and install all available packages from the package center, with just a few clicks.

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